A Roofer You Can Trust

Roof Maintenance


  • Check all screws looking for any that have pulled loose.
  • Check all pipe penetrations and sealants looking for anywhere water can run into.
  • Look for any holes or cracks in the metal.
  • Check foam enclosures making sure they are in place and secure.


  • Check condition of the material looking for anything out of the ordinary such as tears or holes that could be caused from debris.
  • Check parapet walls and termination bar making sure it is still secure properly and sealed.
  • Check all penetrations making sure the boots are tight and sealed properly.
  • Look at all canales, catch cans, and downspouts making sure they are free of debris to allow proper water flow.


  • Look at all shingles checking for any that are torn, folded over, or that have blown off.
  • Also check for any shingles that may have pulled up away from the nails
  • Inspect shingles themselves looking for the amount of granules still left on them; if you can see fibers or black spots they most likely need replaced.
  • Look at all penetrations making sure they are still sealed with tar or caulking.
  • Check all flashing against house looking for anywhere water may get it or any holes.
  • Look for any exposed nails that may cause water to get under shingles.
  • Do not drain AC unit onto roof as the water will drastically reduce the life of the shingles and could lead to leaks and bad decking.